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Adult Tappers & Ballet Belles

Adult tap and ballet classes held at the Memorial Hall, High Street, Whetstone on a Thursday evening 6.30-7.30pm - £5 pay as you go, all abilities welcome.


Our adult dance classes provide a fun alternative to the usual exercise, but are just as effective.  With half of the class a real cardio workout, tapping away to a variety of music genre from charleston to pop, jazz to musical theatre.   

You will learn lots of tap dancing steps without even realising it as you follow our simple routines, perfect for beginners.   We also break steps down when we need to and adapt what we teach for those who have tapped before and are more advanced.


From time to time we like to add in a few other dance styles too such as Bollywood, Charleston, Lyrical, Broadway, Greek, Can Can - just for fun!



If this sounds like your kind of class, why not give it a try?  You might be someone that used to dance when you were younger, someone that always wanted to but never got around to it or someone that just wants to try something a bit different.  We don't care which of these you are, our classes are open to everyone.  You can contact us by clicking here or just turn up and have a go, we'd love to see you there!


To complement our cardio tap workout, the other half of the class is ballet focused.  Ballet is fantastic at toning and shaping the body, strengthening muscles and improving flexibility. 

Our class incorporates work on the barre, in the centre and floor ensuring a full body workout.  As fully qualified dance teachers, we ensure correct technique and adapt exercises to suit your needs.  You work within your own capabilities.


Some of our adult dancers choose to perform in our annual show, there is no pressure to do this at all (although it is lots of fun!) but if you'd like to you can, if not no worries.  We also take part in the Performers Project Tapathon raising money each year for BBC Children in Need.  Again, this is something you can take part in if you'd like and you'd be very welcome, but you don't have to.

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